Adam University has more than 1,000 full-time and part-time students in four graduate departments and two additional departments on three campuses in Bishkek.

In addition, the university operates 10 structural departments that provide organizational, educational, methodological, scientific, educational, economic and financial activities of the university:

Educational department

In 2004, the Adam University / BAFE among of the first pilot universities of the Ministry of education and science of the KR moved on to training in the framework of the Bologna process – a system of transfer and accumulation of credits and provides training in bachelor's programmes with an academic degree “Bachelor”. In 2005, had opened master's programs in Economics and Management. At the same time, specialists had been training for a five-year training program. Since 2009, the master's program had opened in the direction of Tourism.

At all stages of the Academy's development, close attention been paid to the quality of education. BAFE was among first universities of the Republic who received institutional accreditation from the independent accreditation Agency CAMEQ and received the “Golden diploma” of the quality of education.

Among pilot universities, the University had begun training highly qualified specialists in the PhD program in 2013. The educational process at the University is provided by qualified scientific and pedagogical staff:

  • Doctors of science - 10%
  • Candidates of science-37%
  • Masters - 18%

During its existence, BAFE has prepared 2118 graduates for the financial and economic spheres, who are now successfully working in all corners of our country and abroad.

Career center

The Career center of Adam University is a department that carries out and coordinates the activities of the Academy's divisions to assist applicants, students and graduates in determining and achieving career goals, through the organization of special events, programs, consultations, and resources.

The mission of the Career center is to assist students and graduates in choosing, planning and developing professional careers, increasing their competitiveness in a dynamic global society in close cooperation with University departments and employers, by providing quality advice, resources, and activities.

Portal of the Adam University Career center

International  department

The University has extensive partnerships with government agencies, employers, public and international organizations, as well as with universities in Europe and Asia, including: great Britain, Germany, France, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, the Russian Federation, the Republic of Kazakhstan, and others. The International department interacts with both national and international partners of the University. Since its Foundation, the University has been actively working in the field of project activities. The University's educational programs are developed in close cooperation with leading European universities.

The University won its first project in 1995, supported by the Peace Corps, the Eurasia Foundation, and the counterpart consortium "Professional training for the unemployed". Throughout its educational activities, Adam University has implemented more than 70 projects in cooperation with the EU, OSCE, USAID, EFCA, ADB and other donor organizations, including European universities. AU is also an active participant in "Erasmus+" projects supported by the European Commission. In the period from 1999 to 2012, AU implemented more than 14 "TEMPUS" and "Erasmus" projects in various fields.