The research work of Adam University is the basis for ensuring the relevance of educational content, which involves assessing the sequence of implementation of the integration of science and education.
Topics of research work programs, departments and School of Medicine (SM) are considered at meetings of programs, departments and SM, then submitted for discussion and approval at a meeting of the Scientific and Technical Council of the Adam University and approved by the Academic Council of the Adam University (No. 2 of 10.10.22) 
Adam University conducts research in the following areas:
The program “Economics, Management and Tourism” implements scientific topics on:
“Financial and economic security of the Kyrgyz Republic”, “Sustainable development of tourism as a factor in the development of the economy of the Kyrgyz Republic”. “Development of the social sphere of the Kyrgyz Republic, and its financial aspects”.Problems and prospects for the development of small and medium-sized businesses in the Kyrgyz Republic  (Scientific and Technical Council protocol No. 1 dated September 17, 2022 on approval of scientific topics of programs, departments and School of Medicine). 
General direction of scientific research of the Department of Humanitarian Disciplines: “Humanities and Natural Sciences” (protocol of the Scientific and Technical Council No. 1 dated as of September 17, 2022). Scientific theme of the Department of Mathematical and Natural Sciences: “Information technologies in natural sciences and education.”
School of Medicine’s scientific research is carried out in interdisciplinary areas, such as the relationship between the state of the environment and public health. Since 2018, research work has been carried out on the topic “Environment and Health” (protocol of the Scientific and Technical Council No. 1 dated September 17, 2022). Within the framework of this topic, direct work is carried out on subtopics, namely:

  • Biosafety and environmental biotesting;
  • Assessment of the quality of drinking water by types of hydrobionts - bioindicators;
  • Adaptation to the negative aspects of climate change and health;
  • Protecting health through safe food and organic agriculture.

The university's teaching staff actively conducts research in the field of development of the education system of the Kyrgyz Republic. The university systematically holds scientific and practical conferences on current issues of higher education in modern conditions, with the participation of scientists, teachers from near and far abroad, representatives of business structures, and undergraduates.