For foreign students

Cooperation is actively carried out in the framework of strengthening education among students, improving the quality of teaching, exchanging experience and various cultural events for mutual enrichment. Various meetings are held both at the level of heads of educational institutions and at the administrative level.

As part of their studies at Adam University, students are involved in the process of academic mobility and can take various internships in countries such as Norway, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Greece, etc. But to participate in the internship, students are required to provide:

  1. Transcript of academic achievements, good academic performance
  2. Advanced knowledge of English, if possible, provide the results of official TOEFL/IELTS testing
  3. СV in English
  4. Motivation letter
  5. Recommendation letters from teachers and professors
Sur-Place Foundation scholarship program. Konrad Adenauer

ADAM University is actively involved in applying for scholarships to students. With the help of the Sur-Place Foundation scholarships. Konrad Adenauer, students of ADAM University receive support from this Fund, as well as the opportunity for young students and scientists to devote themselves to studying in the field of interest and participate in the political and social life of the country. Fellows of the Foundation can become young scientists and students are Kyrgyz citizens studying in its Universities (bachelor - in his second year and master's courses), and not reached at the moment of application the age of 30, and actively participating in public and political life of the country. The scholarship is awarded for a period of 6 months and in case of good academic achievements, the scholarship can also be extended for another 6 months.

For graduates

For graduates and future undergraduates, ADAM University provides a unique opportunity to study in foreign Universities on special programs. For example, ERASMUS+, Turkey Burslari, China Government Scholarships, etc.

Türkiye Scholarships

Today, "Türkiye" scholarships are a well-known scholarship program in most countries of different continents.

Offering support also to academics, researchers and civil servants in other countries, the "Türkiye" scholarship program offers various modules for research and training in the Turkish language. Due to the close relationship with international students, the University provides support not only during their studies, but also after graduation in the search for internships and employment opportunities. 

These programs mostly cover living expenses, provide scholarships and insurance. It is also worth noting that this scholarship program is one of the most prestigious programs and provides an opportunity to get a brilliant and higher education.

Chinese Government Scholarships

Every year, the Chinese government allocates quotas for scholarship programs for studying in China. Among them are the majority of international students from Central Asia, and today there are about 274 scholarship programs under this program. The program also includes 45 universities in various fields where applicants can study for a master's degree in China. For successful admission, ADAM University provides active support to students.

Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees

The Erasmus Mundus joint master's degree (EMJMD) is a prestigious integrated international curriculum jointly implemented by an international consortium of higher education institutions (HEIs) and other partners with special experience and interests in the curriculum.

EMJMD is aimed at:

Promoting excellence, innovation and internationalization in higher education Institutions
Increasing the attractiveness of the European higher education area (EHEA) and supporting EU external actions in higher education
Improving the level of competencies and skills of graduate students and their employment.