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Masterclass on Research & Scientific Publication

Masterclass on Research & Scientific Publication

We are committed to enhance Research Culture in Medical Education and in view of this, TAMIR Centre is established at ADAM University School of Medicine in collaboration with MIND LABS, a stakeholder in Medical Training and Research from Pakistan. 

TAMIR as a word means “To Build” and this is the objective of this initiative to build, develop and nourish the minds of medical students with training and research activities.

TAMIR Centre will serve for Training and Research and is abbreviated for Training And Medical Innovative Research – Centre.

In first phase A Masterclass on the topic of Research & Scientific Writing was conducted for 7th Semester students. The students learned about the basics of Research and developed understanding on the process of research and how to publish the scientific finding as publication in Medical Journal.

The students were given opportunity to learn and discuss in groups during the masterclass to enhance their learning